Bed Sheet Prices

Sheet Prices

These prices are for mattresses up to 12 inches thick. Once mattress thickness is above 12 inches, the prices will adjust accordingly.


Single Sheet Sets                 

  • Regular Set J$5,500                                                                            
  • Single ruffle set J$8,000                          
  • Double ruffle set J$10,000                            
  • Flat Sheet only J$1,600                          
  • Fitted sheet only J$2,000                                                                    
  • Pair of regular pillowcases J$1,500                                      
  • Pair of ruffle pillowcases J$3,000                                                      


Double Sheet Sets

  • Regular set J$6,500
  • Single ruffle set J$10,000
  • Double ruffle set J$12,000
  • Flat sheet only J$2,500
  • Fitted sheet only J$3,000
  • Pair of regular pillowcases J$1,500
  • Pair of ruffle pillowcases J$3,000


Queen Sheet Sets                                        

  • Regular set J$7,500                                             
  • Single ruffle set J$14,000                                        
  • Double ruffle set J$16,000                                           
  • Flat sheet only J$3,000                                                
  • Fitted sheet only J$3,500                                             
  • Pair of Regular pillowcases J$2,000
  • Pair of Ruffled pillowcases J$3,500                                         


King Sheet Sets

  • Regular Set J$10,000
  • Single ruffle set J$16,000
  • Double ruffle set J$18,000
  • Flat sheet only J$4,000
  • Fitted sheet only J$4500
  • Pair of Regular pillowcases J$3,000
  • Pair of ruffle pillowcases J$4,500            



                   Single      Double     Queen     King

Regular    J$3,500     J$4000     J$4500      J$5,000

Pleated    J$4,000     J$6,500    J$7,000     J$8500

Ruffle      J$5,500      J$7,500    J$7,500    J$8,000